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Are you a local?

In our efforts to make the festival more accessible and to give back to our local communities, we are thrilled to offer a special discounted rate exclusively for residents of Zanzibar, Tanzania, and Kenya. To avail of this discount, please read and adhere to the following terms and conditions:


  1. Resident ID Requirement: This offer is available solely to individuals who possess a valid resident ID issued by the governments of Zanzibar, Tanzania, or Kenya. The ID must accurately reflect your current residency status.

  2. Presentation of ID: Eligible participants must present their resident ID at the time of ticket collection. This is to verify your eligibility for the discounted rate.

  3. ID Verification: The festival ticket(s) will be issued only upon successful verification of your resident ID. It is crucial that the ID presented is legitimate and valid at the time of ticket collection.

  4. Non-transferability: The discount is personal and non-transferable. Only the individual whose name appears on the resident ID may use the ticket.

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