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Zanzi 4 - Vendor Stall Rental - Deposit Fee



Rent a Vendor Stall in the Shanti Town!


In an effort to support local businesses and startups, Soundscapes invites vendors to rent a stall during the festival to sell or promote food & beverages, goods and services to our attendees.
We encourage vendors to engage and interact with the guests in creative and imaginative ways, as well as setup artistic and innovative decoration/installations, providing that it aligns with the theme of the festival.


Vendor Stall Name

Up to 50 characters.



This payment is only for the deposit to secure the Vendor Spot.

The total fees will be 20% of revenue or this deposit, whichever is higher.

By paying for a vendor spot, the vendor hereby agrees to adhere to all terms and conditions.


  • 1x Roofed Structure (banda) - Size as per vendor selection
  • 1x Power Outlet
  • 1x Cashless POS System & Charger
  • Basic lighting


  • Tables, shelves, displays, or any other equipment used to display their goods.
  • Lights to illuminate their stall. Blinding lights such as spotlights and fluorescent lighting are not permitted. All lighting must be kept subtle and in alignment with the festival lighting theme. Small lamps may be used to draw attention to products, signs, or to make food and cooking stations visible for staff.
  • Decorative elements that help enhance their stall.
  • A good vibe! Vendors who interact with the attendees in a fun and interesting way do a lot better.


  • Vendor stalls are allocated on a first come first serve basis.
  • Allocation of Vendor Spots throughout the venue is decided by Soundscapes to ensure a
    comfortable guest experience.
  • Soundscapes reserves the right to relocate vendors as necessary to ensure a smooth and safe flow through the venue.
  • Vendors may only exceed their boundaries with approval of Soundscapes and providing
    there are no restrictions to do so. Restrictions may include, but are not limited to:

    Safety hazards

    Restricting flow of foot traffic

    Preventing visibility or access to other vendors or important areas throughout the venue

  • Exact vendor stall dimensions may not be exact. Please be sure to visit the venue and agree on the exact stall.
  • Vendors are not permitted to use the soundscapes logo / branding on their merchandise without  permission from Soundscapes.
  • Vendors are not permitted to sell alcoholic beverages, water, or soft drinks without permission from Soundscapes.
  • Vendors are expected to secure their stall and all goods/equipment belonging to them. Soundscapes cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Failure to adhere to any of the requirements may result in the vendor being fined a penalty up to the total amount held by Soundscapes and may result in the Vendor being disqualified from further participation in the festival.


  • Vendors are free to operate all hours that the festival is open.
  • Vendors may request special permission to stay open at other times.


  • Vendors may setup their stall up to one week prior to the start date of the festival.
  • Any construction and setup must be complete by 2pm June 15th.
  • Arrival for setup after 2pm June 1st may result in the Vendor Spot being allocated to
    another Vendor.
  • Vendors may not transport large items in and out of the festival during peak hours (3pm -
  • Vendors are only allowed to transport small items such as boxes containing inventory
    items into and out of the festival during the peak hours (3pm - 2am).
  • Vendors are responsible to bring their own tables, equipment, and lighting.
  • Spotlights and fluorescent lighting is not permitted. All lighting must be kept subtle and in alignment with the festival lighting theme. Small lamps may be used to draw attention to products, signs, or to make food and cooking stations visible for staff.
  • Branding and advertising must be kept to a minimum. No flyers or handout leaflets are permitted. Free samples are permitted. 


  • Soundscapes operates using a cashless payment system. Each attendee is given a wristband or card that can be used to buy from vendors during the festival.
  • Each vendor is allocated with only one Cashless POS device and one charger at the beginning of the festival. It is the responsibility of the vendor to charge and look after this equipment and to return it in the condition that it was provided.
  • The vendor is responsible to check and make sure that the Cashless POS device is working immediately upon receiving it and in case of any issues, to notify Soundscapes immediately.
  • Vendors must only accept payment using the cashless payment system provided by Soundscapes. Vendors may not accept payment in the form of cash, credit card, or other forms of cash transfer under any circumstances.
  • Cash payouts will be made within 2 weeks after the completion of the event and after the cashless POS devices have been returned along with their chargers (and any other accessories provided).
  • Vendors must submit a complete list of items being sold including prices at latest one week before the festival. This information will be entered into the Cashless POS devices.


  • Vendors operate as their own legal entities and are required to adhere to all legislative requirements. 
  • Food Vendors must be certified by the relevant health and safety authorities. 
  • Licenses and certificates may be requested by the authorities during the festival. Vendors are obliged to keep an up to date copy available for viewing at all times during the festival. 
  • Soundscapes are not liable for the failure to adhere to the legal requirements to operate a vendor stall in Zanzibar. 


  • Food Vendors with live cooking stations must adhere to fire safety regulations.
  • Food vendors must maintain a healthy and sanitary work environment at all times. This includes:

    Use of gloves when handling food

    Food Vendors must store raw meats in the correct conditions.

    Safe storage and separate preparation area for meats if done on site.


  • ​​​​​​Environmentally responsible containers and packaging is required.
  • Vendors must keep the area around their stall free from pollution.
  • All garbage must be disposed of properly.
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