Soundscapes was founded in 2013 to bring together a vibrant community that seek to uplift their human spirit through art and music. Art co-creation, community, wellness and music shape the foundations of Soundscapes.

Our vision is to re-create the Soundscapes experience in the island Zanzibar, and bring four days and nights of blissful organic house music and techno to paradise. ​Soundscapes Zanzi is a festival that combines the best electronic music with idyllic natural beauty, compelling creative production, rich island culture and a passionate family of fans from around the world. Add the beaches and boats, villas, secret parties in the tropical nature – all wrapped in colorful African culture for a unique experience.

Soundscapes has hosted over 30 events to date, with artists like Bedouin, Lee Burridge, Raresh, YokoO, Behrouz and SIT in the "Oasis",  an open air, lush-green venue in Bahrain. Zanzibar is the perfect destination for the brand as it represents all of the key elements that make up the fabric of Soundscapes' beginnings.