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We're bringing Sole dxb's sole sound system to soundscapes zanzi!

Updated: Apr 28

This summer, the Sole Sound System will be traveling to Soundscapes in Zanzibar, powering the Oasis, our beachfront stage at the edge of the Bweeju beach jungle.

That’s right! We’re bringing the Sole Sound System to the Oasis Stage for this edition! This sound has never been featured at an electronic music festival before and is positioned to break through traditional setups— with both the artist and crowd facing the speaker stack.

The Sole Sound System is a 28 cabinet stack hand built in Kingston, Jamaica by iconic sound system builder Uncle Ronnie of 8 Miles Sound. The Sole Soundsystem usually calls Dubai it's home, but for this year's Soundscapes it'll be making the trip to Zanzibar, so we can continue to bring you unique and next level sonic experiences. The unveiling of the Sole Sound System at the Soundscapes Oasis stage promises an unforgettable fusion of music, culture, and craftsmanship. Join us as we embark on a journey that transcends borders and celebrates the universal language of music.

For more information, visit:

8 Mile Sound follow @8milesmusic @uncle6455


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